In times of high technology it is hard to find a person, especially a girl, who does not know about keratin treatment. Keratin hair mask is an essential product for brittle, dry, porous, frizzy and tired hair, worn out by frequent bleaching and heat styling. It contains the structural protein keratin, akin to the one that makes up the cortex of human hair. In theory, keratin should fill in the damage and complete the structure of the hair shaft.

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At home, along with a recipe for a keratin mask for hair, shampoo is used to restore them. Such care can be considered professional. It does not matter whether the cosmetic product is prepared in the salon or at home — the effect of it will please every female representative. After all, the recipe contains the same components, so it all depends on the desire and skill of using the product.

How to use a mask?

Keratin mask for hair will help restore damaged hair, but even its use is justified by a few tips that will help you achieve the most noticeable result:

  • The mask is suitable for absolutely any type — if the scalp is too oily and sensitive, it is better not to apply the composition of the finished product to the dermis itself and start distributing it from the middle of the hair;
  • Keratin care requires regularity, it is then that the effect of home procedures will be noticeable to you and others;
  • Any keratin composition has a rich texture and requires thorough rinsing — it is better to spend an extra two minutes in the bathroom, then you will get nourished and not sleek hair;
  • Experts recommend applying it under a plastic cap and a warm towel — this will allow the components of the composition to open up under the influence of temperature.
  • The exposure time of the mask usually does not exceed 15 minutes, a homemade mixture may have a longer exposure time of 20 minutes.

Before using the mask, be sure to test for an allergic reaction. To do this, a small amount of the product should be applied near the earlobe, on the crook of the elbow or on the wrist. When choosing between a professional, store-bought keratin hair mask and a homemade one, weigh the pros and cons. The effect after the first will be noticeable immediately.

To achieve the maximum effect, experts advise before treating to make a therapeutic haircut with hot scissors to seal split ends. There are also recommendations along with masks to use the same kind of shampoos. If you feel that you cannot cope with this task on your own, it is better to seek help from professionals in the salon, where everything will be done to you at the highest level. They will more accurately determine whether you need such a procedure at all or is it better to try some other remedy for restoring brittle and split strands.

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