Totally different Varieties of Breakdown Diode


What’s breakdown diode?

Breakdown diode is {an electrical} part which has two electrodes. Semiconductor supplies like Silicon and Germanium are used for making of diodes. Diodes are used for his or her property of conducting electrical present in only one route and to dam the present which is available in the wrong way.

Several types of breakdown diodes

Following are the several types of breakdown diodes:

  • Zener diode
  • Schottky diode
  • Avalanche diode

What’s Avalanche diode?

Avalanche diode is likely one of the semiconductor gadgets which is designed to work within the reverse breakdown area. When there’s a surplus voltage in an electrical machine, the avalanche diode is used as a strain guard. There are two terminals in an avalanche diode and they’re cathode and anode. 

What’s Avalanche breakdown?

Avalanche breakdown happens in PN junction diode. The diode has a thick junction and is reasonably doped. When a excessive reverse voltage is utilized throughout the diode, avalanche breakdown happens.

What are the functions of avalanche diode?

Following are the functions of avalanche diode:

  • It’s used as an RF noise generator
  • It’s utilized in a microwave frequency generator
  • It’s used for voltage reference

What’s Zener diode?

Zener diode is likely one of the breakdown diodes and can also be a particular diode because it conducts present in the wrong way. The breakdown that happens at a sure voltage in a Zener diode is called Zener voltage. The design of the Zener diode is such that the diode can be utilized solely the place the Zener voltage could be very low. For normal diodes, Zener voltage will probably be excessive and if the reverse present is handed by the diode, the diode will get broken. The controlling of breakdown may be examined based mostly on the damaging of the diode.

What are the functions of Zener diode?

Following are the functions of Zener diode:

  • Voltage stabilizers are also referred to as a regulator in shunt mode
  • Peak clippers
  • For machine mode, Zener diodes are used as surge suppressors.

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