OTT Platform and Your Television Viewing Experience


Television is the most essential part of any household. Families spend most of the time gathered around the TV and watch shows and movies. It is not just about watching television, it’s a medium of enjoyment and entertainment.

Traditionally we pay for multiple channels, even though there are only a few channels that we prefer watching. In today’s time everyone wants to watch only preferable shows, so why not find something where you have the freedom of choosing what you watch and pay only for that.

This is where OTT has made things easier. OTT or over the top television platform.

If you are tech-savvy and own a smart Television, you probably know what an OTT platform is. A multiple integrated OTT platform has completely revolutionized the entertainment standards.

Let us explain to you what exactly OTT stands for.

Meaning of OTT platform

Over the top service has made the streaming and viewing process top-notch. Earlier when television was restricted to satellite only, nowadays you can easily transmit and make use of the internet and can easily grasp the latest movies and series on time.

It is a streaming service that delivers content over the internet. They simply work as an application that makes use of the internet all you need is a device that supports OTT and your evening with a coffee, popcorn, and a series is all set.Rising and becoming popular, OTT has brought down the entertainment affordable and easy to access.OTT is not free, here you require to purchase a subscription and you can easily watch your favourite genre

There are many benefits that the OTT platform brings if you combine it with your android smart TV. 

It makes watching television an ultimate experience  

OTT platform allows you to access and stream your favourite movies or series on your android smart TV. You no longer need to visit the cinema hall or wait for the movies to come on television, you can now easily pick up your choice of genre and get yourself an ultimate experience of TV viewing.

Commercial free TV

It gets very annoying whenever an advertisement pops up, but with OTT, you won’t have to be bothered about that. It becomes more interesting and engaging while getting involved in the story without any hindrances. So with a multi integrated OTT platform, you can watch your favourite movie or show at one go.

Multiple subscriptions

Just like traditional satellite television viewing which brings you multiple channels to browse through, the OTT platform also brings the opportunity to subscribe to various channels or service providers.

You can take up as many subscriptions as you want. These services are affordable too, so you can choose yearly or monthly plans depending upon your preference. Many service providers also provide cable shows as well without commercials.

Multiple logins

Once you have taken up the subscription you can watch shows or movies from multiple platforms. Whether it’s your smartphone, laptop, 4k LED TVs, or tablet, watch anytime, anywhere.You can share the logins as well, which means multiple viewing on multiple platforms.

Better control

In contrast to traditional Television viewing, OTT brings the consumers better control about what to watch and when. They can easily play, pause, rewind, and forward the content without the chance of missing anything or getting prompted by an advertisement.

To sum up: A winner

Be a part of the ultimate viewing experience, where you can find yourself hooked to an entertainment commercial-free. A smart TV has proved to be a winner and can give the ultimate viewing experience. Go for a Sanyo Kaizen smart TV and welcome home the OTT platform to make sure that TV viewing no longer remains boring.

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