Lace Front vs Full Lace Wigs- A Beginner’s Guide

Where Can You Find The Best Lace Wigs Based On Your Needs?

First-time lace wig buyers can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. Lace wigs are available in a variety of styles and constructions, so the choice isn’t just about picking the right style for your face. Lace wigs come in a wide variety of styles and colors, allowing people to create their ideal look and lifestyle.

Herein are a few details explaining how lace front wigs differ from Full Lace Wigs so as to remove some of the confusion experienced by first-time users?

Before purchasing a Lace Front or Full Lace Wig, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Do you have special needs, such as a very secure wig?
  • Will you wear your wig on an occasional basis or daily?
  • Do you style your hair heavily or gently?
  • What kind of hairstyle do you prefer?
  • Is there a lot of time involved in putting your wig on?
  • Would you like the hair of the wig to be coloured, curled, or straightened?

When choosing wigs for your needs, you should consider your image and lifestyle needs – for instance, are you more interested in a full lace or lace front wig?

Full Lace Wig Pros and Cons

Unlike Lace Front Wigs, they’re constructed entirely of lace with a lace seam that goes around the circumference of the head (as opposed to just at the front of the head from ear to ear). In addition to their lightweight and adaptability, the wigs can be parted at any point and in any direction. Hairstyles include wearing it up, in a pony-tail, or braided.

They are very popular due to the huge selection of styles available and the fact that they can be worn for an extended period of time. Because the wig needs to be secured around the head with adhesive, it can take longer to put on than a Lace Front Wig. Lace wigs are not suitable for those who simply wear them occasionally or for shorter periods, because they have less time to devote to preparation. The length of time you intend to wear the wig is not an issue if you intend to wear it for days or even a couple of weeks at a time.


  • The wigs look more natural (unnoticeable) than other wigs
  • You can breathe through your hair and scalp below
  • They are light and comfortable
  • Their styling options are more varied.

It is possible to wear them for long periods of time. A Full Lace Wig can even be worn while swimming or working out. The chlorinated and salty water in the swimming pool can damage your lace wig hair as well.


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  • All corners of the head need to be glued.
  • May require a fair amount of time to put on.

Is a Lace Front Wig a good choice?

Lace front wigs have lace fronts and stronger, more durable materials at the back, similar to normal wigs. It is attached to the front from ear to ear with adhesive or tape, and at the back, it is either a machine-made cap with elastic or an elastic strap built into it.

It is not necessary to adhere both the back and the front of the wig with adhesive. This saves some time in application and makes the wig more suitable for occasional or short-term use due to the less time spent in preparation. In addition, due to lack of adhesion around the entire perimeter of the head, hair cannot be parted in any direction, although it can still be worn in a low ponytail.


  • Full Lace Wigs are more difficult to apply than Lace Front Wigs.
  • Lace Front Wigs can be worn off the face and in a long ponytail at the back.
  • If you have heavy hair, you can wear a lace front wig.
  • This material is extremely breathable
  • Hairline that looks natural
  • The item can be worn for an extended period of time


There are fewer styling options with Lace Front Wigs compared to Full Lace Wigs.

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