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Brand new to accessorising with jewellery or are you keen to tidy up your look with some style pointers? Jewellery, handmade jewellery, in particular, is a truly special way to channel your personality and communicate your personality to the world.

Find out exactly how to accessorise with your jewellery, from your trusty gold earrings to that rose gold pendant necklace you’re coveting.

How To Accessorise With Handmade Jewellery

Jewel Tree London are a premium crafter of fine jewellery, and we want our customers to feel empowered by their image. So, these are tips directly from our team on how to look and feel fabulous!

Dress Right For The Occasion

The number one rule for accessorising with jewellery is to ensure the pieces you choose reflect the occasion. Channel a more minimalist style for work – such as a simple gold vermeil ring in place of a large sparkling band. For a more formal occasion opt for something grander, yet refined. For a night out or a festival, go as big, bold and brave as you like!

Quality Over Quantity

In the world of jewellery, less is more – under normal circumstances. Pick two or three pieces of jewellery to wear in a given day and balance them out on your person. They don’t necessarily need to be a coordinating set but do ensure they complement one another. So, if you choose a rose gold pendant necklace select earrings or a ring that are the same hue and style.

Invest In Special Pieces

Leading on from this – do try to adopt a quality over quantity approach when you shop for new pieces as well. Rather than buying lots of cheaper jewellery that may tarnish after a few months or even break – invest in high-quality pieces. Browse handmade jewellery by reputable designers and remember that your artisanal jewellery should give you years of wear.

Mind Your Neckline

When it comes to accessorising with necklaces, you need to consider the neckline of your top or dress. As a general guideline, a high neck or turtleneck looks sensational with an opera necklace or lariat. Try a rose gold pendant necklace with your v-neck or button shirt. Strapless looks striking with a choker. Meanwhile, if you’re wearing a ruffled blouse, this might be the occasion to skip a necklace. Slip into an eye-catching gold vermeil ring or some drop earrings.

Choose A Focal Area

If you want to make a chic statement, then you could embellish one part of your body with multiple pieces. Line one wrist with a cluster of bangles or layer your fingers with stacked rings. Alternatively, wrap together a number of necklace chains of varying length. But, leave the rest of your accessories at home. This is a playful way to get creative and is a fun way to show off that unique handmade jewellery in your collection.

Wear Jewellery Than Complements You

As you select what metals and gemstones to wear, consider the pieces that suit your hair colour and skin colour. You can also choose pieces that accentuate the features of your body that you’re most proud of. Always try jewellery on before you buy to test it and consider taking photos so that you can mull over your decision before committing.

Mix Things Up

Whilst matching sets of jewellery can be perfect for more formal occasions, you don’t need to restrict yourself during the day. Avoid being too matchy-matchy, but do select pieces that bounce off one another. For example, wear different coloured gemstones but ensure that the hues are in the same family or that they pick out shades from your clothes. The same goes for mixing metals – it’s fine to mix them as long as you strive for a balanced finish. For example, you could wear a rose gold pendant necklace with a coordinating pair of rose gold earrings and don a ring that adds a splash of silver to the mix.

Trust Your Intuition

And that is how to accessorise with jewellery in a nutshell. At the end of the day, accessorising does require some thought in order to look polished – but it’s also an occasion to get imaginative. So, experiment – and trust yourself. For further inspiration, view our collections and read our style tips on the Jewel Tree London website.

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