Everything you Need to Know About Unstructured Hats

We are going to say it right up front: This post is not judgy. Nothing. Anything that sounds like that is not meant that way. Do what you want. We are free to be ourselves. Don’t hold back. The phrase, “Judge not, that we not be judged,” describes us. Having said all of that, let’s move forward….

Wearers and non-wearers of unstructured hats are two different kinds of people. In reality, there are a lot more types, but for now we’ll stick with these. Three are many online options available in the market for unstructured hats wholesale.

You can tell a lot about yourself by wearing an unstructured hat. If you’re relaxed, it will look relaxed on you. If you’re comfortable, it will be comfortable for you. I like how unpretentious it is. The staff is friendly and helpful. Consider your best friend – the one you’ve spent the most time with because you’re so compatible. You two could both be who you are when you were together.

Now Let’s Talk About What It Is.

The cap is made of plastic. In addition to its bill, it does not have a brim. It’s either a cap or a baseball cap, depending on where you’re from. The general term “hat” is often used to describe baseball caps, but keeping in mind their origins, they never do. The word “baseball hat” is rarely used – at least, not without others chuckling. Yet, the retail garment industry still lumps what we’re discussing under the category of unstructured hats. We refer to it as a sort of cap when we talk about an unstructured hat.

Another thing it lacks: structure. This means that it lacks buckram. The fabric Buckram is used for specific purposes. Can you recall when, as an elementary school student, you got into trouble for tearing the book cover off a hardback book?

A Hat With No Structure Doesn’t Have That…

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Caps are made up of the round top part called the crown, which fits over your head. (It’s just a headscarf. Don’t take it too seriously. Wearing a cap doesn’t help you avoid a speeding ticket or an appearance at a Senate subcommittee meeting.) The crown of a cap consists of (usually) six triangles that meet at one corner and are stitched together on the sides.

The six triangles are pretty much identical, but one of them is a structured cap. Buckram fills the front two rectangles of a structured cap. For what purpose? Put yourself in the shoes of a baseball player on the field and imagine the caps they wear. Does the crown stand up straight on the front? Buckram provides that support.

Is That To Say An Unstructured Hat Is Somewhat Floppy?

Oh, yeah, if by “floppy” you mean that it doesn’t have as much structure as one of those tall, solid caps. It kind of makes sense though. It’s comfortable and casual. Check out our Dad Hats line. Unlike those team caps, or even worse, seed caps, they are not trying to impress anybody or attract attention. Farmers used to wear them riding into town with a wagonload of turnips to get free advertising from seed companies.

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