5 Essential Tips to Ensure You Look Stylish Every Day

Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. This quote from the famous designer Oscar de la Renta reminds us that it is very important to understand the difference between these two concepts – style and fashion – in order to create your own style. Style is individuality, a sense of taste, and a personal view of things. This is an internal state of mind, which is reflected in appearance, while fashion is a changeable, impermanent phenomenon, it is a creative impulse to constantly search for something new. Style is a way to choose among a large number of possibilities exactly what is in tune with the internal state and attitude. With the help of style, we learn about personality, about its temperament, character, and uniqueness.

5 Essential Tips to Ensure You Look Stylish Every Day - style, look, fashion, body shape

Of course, being able to dress both fashionably and stylishly is aerobatics and not everyone has such a skill. According to stylists, it is not at all necessary to spend exorbitant amounts on your wardrobe in order for others to admire your images and freeze with delight looking after you. It doesn’t matter your budget, lifestyle, or body type. So what are some life hacks that help you create stylish images every day? Let’s talk about this. Check out some important fashion tricks for a stylish look with minimal investment!

1. Find your style

Finding your style is about accepting yourself, your uniqueness, and the ability to express yourself in an external image. This is the art of finding harmony between the inner and the outer, expressing it with the help of clothes. What helps you find your own unique style? First of all, study yourself, listen to your inner self, realize your ideals, your character. Don’t blindly follow the latest trends, find out what you like to wear, what makes you more confident, and what clothes suit you and are consistent with your worldview. Believe in yourself and trust the fashionista within you, and fashion can complement your style, making it more versatile.

2. Consider what works best for your body shape

How well do you know the advantages and disadvantages of your body type? What about silhouettes that work best for your body? Understanding your body shape is a key piece in successfully achieving a great sense of personal style. We are all individual and beautiful, so you definitely have something to emphasize. The first step on the way to a good image is to learn how to use clothes to focus on the benefits of the body shape and hide possible flaws. Always remember, there’s nothing better than wearing clothing that enhances your body.

5 Essential Tips to Ensure You Look Stylish Every Day - style, look, fashion, body shape

3. Create a simple staple wardrobe

You have probably heard about the capsule wardrobe, which is the basis for creating everyday fashion looks. All fashion style advice puts the capsule wardrobe at the forefront. When collecting a basic wardrobe, it is always worth remembering the current rule: classics are always in vogue. Simple, concise things do not go out of fashion and are perfectly combined with anything. In addition, the classic restrained style of clothing looks more elegant and respectable. Decide what should be the basis of the wardrobe and spend money on those things that remain relevant from season to season.

4. Invest in good accessories

Adding the right accessories is the final step to completing all your outfits. Be creative in your choice of accessories, but think carefully about each item. After all, you can skillfully combine things with each other, masterfully learn how to mix colors and textures, but without accessories the appearance becomes dull. Stylish shoes, bags, sunglasses, scarves, or watches are all essential items to buy and add for a fashionable finishing touch. Invest in trendy and high-end sunglasses from the Henau brand known for truly unique glasses with innovative designs. Such a groundbreaking accessory is a win-win element of a stylish look. Fashion experts also recommend relying on minimalistic jewelry, and when choosing a bag, pay attention to high-quality fittings and neat seams.

5. Listen to yourself and experiment

Every person changes over time. Changes happen in lifestyle, tastes, body, worldview. That is why it is important to listen to yourself and, if necessary, make changes to your style and not be afraid to experiment, always aiming to wear what is comfortable and looks good on you.

We hope these simple dressing rules will boost your style to the next level and make you feel more confident and charming every day.

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